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Lo-Lo Bar

Product Information

What it IS:
DEFINITION: LO-LO (low-low) Bar  1. eco-luscious 2. alternative to liquid moisturizer 3. an effective moisturizer free of "junk" that absorbs completely within seconds after you stop rubbing 4. can be used from the top of your head to the tip of your toes

What it IS'NT:
-hockey puck
-toilet seal
-fish bait

People share they use Lo-Lo to:
-help keep skin hydrated
-soothe & calm skin dryness due to ________________ (fill in the blank)
-relieve itching from bug bites, bee stings, and poison ivy/oak
-keep hands moisturized after: repeated washing & constant exposure to water, spinning wool, blowing glass, working on engines
-preserve tattoo colors and make them "pop."
-control frizz and add shine to hair
-speed cleanup (when applied before) gardening, construction, fishing, and other messy jobs
-create a barrier to inclement weather
-style and soften their pet hair/fur and to keep fleas at bay
-condition leather purses, shoes, belts, wallets
-maintain a tan

What is the difference between Original and Vitamin Rich formula:
The Vitamin Rich formula contains Hemp Seed Oil and Zinc Oxide. The original formula does not.

How Do I Use It?
We wrote a blog post about this very thing which you can read by clicking on this sentence.

I only have a tiny bit left. What do I do with it? 
Put it in a melting pot to scent your room and quick - ORDER MORE.


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