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  • We believe that our products are lovingly used and not discarded in the bottom of bathroom drawer!
  • We believe that scent is wrapped in mystery and mystery is a paradox. The deeper you dive, the deeper it gets.
  • We believe the soul of a fragrance lives forever in memory.
  • We believe that scent is seen, tasted, and felt.
  • We believe the future of skin care lies in soulful intention crafted by thoughtful hands.
  • We believe in using fresh, simple and clean ingredients.
  • We believe that kindness embodies an eco-friendly lifestyle: reducing, recycling, reusing.
  • We believe it's more humane to test moisturizers on humans than on animals.
  • We believe that loyalty is earned, shared, and honored.
  • We believe in contagious inspiration, passionate aspiration, and deep inhalation.
  • We believe in stepping away from technology and engaging face-to-face.
  • We believe adventure happens when standing still, sitting comfortable, or moving fast.
  • We believe in young at heart & free spirit no matter the age of the body.
  • We believe in supporting and encouraging others to live their dream.

    -In honor of my Grandmother who handed down her skin care recipes and taught me to make my own. 
    -A very special dedication to Bill, who paved the way before he passed. A brilliant man who helped me in my decision to leave the corporate world.