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Are You a Smasher or a Popper?

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People tell us the most amazing things about their Lo-Lo Bars; jaw-dropping (and sometimes very personal) things, and helpful things - about all the time. After many years of listening, we can share that Lo-Lo Bar fans are either a Smasher or a Popper. Let me explain.

As you know, Lo-Lo Bars are round delicious smelling solid disks of pure hydrating moisturizer. Each one comes packaged in a recyclable/reusable can and were designed to come out of the can. If before using your bar, you actually "pop" it out of the can, you're a "popper". But, if when the bar arrives, you begin smashing the bar into the can - well, you're a "smasher". Either way works because all that matters is what works for you. On a side note, if you've ever left your Lo-Lo bar in a very warm place and found that the solid is more of a suave, you're a smasher by default. By the way, the product is still good to use.

So do you smash or pop and why?

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